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Experience your design like never before

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

With the latest software it's possible to see your home before it's built. Interactive walkthroughs and pre-rendered videos are just some of the services we can offer.

A picture is worth a thousand words

If you've ever gone through the building or design process you've likely struggled to contextualise what you're looking at, this is completely normal. Many presentations come in a monotone two-dimensional style that leaves a little too much to the imagination. Let's assume you're able to interpret the plans and decipher the industry jargon littering each page, understanding how your home will flow, how it’ll feel and most importantly how it’ll relate to your site is often overlooked.

Using three-dimensional software allows designers to work in a virtual environment that simulates the finished product and although the use of this software is fairly commonplace within the industry, providing clients with a glimpse of how the designer is experiencing the creative process is sadly not.

The choice is in your hands

We believe in offering clients choices for how they can experience their future home, how they enjoy it before it’s built and how they are able to share it with friends and family:

  • Artistic interpretations (perspectives)

  • Pre-rendered #flythrough video (as shown above)

  • Fully interactive user controlled #walkthrough

The importance of the design stage is often overlooked and from our experience clients who invest the time here increase their chances of an #enjoyable stress free build. If you are looking to get started but are feeling #overwhelmed, we’re here to #help.

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Kirsty Trzcinski
Kirsty Trzcinski
Jan 12, 2020

Looks amazing!

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